It’s early 2011, New York. The idea of forming Cross Up Yours is being born. Greg Bukinus starts to work on the
first songs this very instant. Search for the right musicians begins, however unable to find right people Bukinus
decides to change the concept and starts the band as a solo project. This very same year recording of the first
EP begins. Bukinus records vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards, and Kevin Talley records drums as a session
musician. Soon recording is finished and sent to Poland to Wieslawski Brothers at Hertz Studio for final mix and
master. Material is being released on 6.6.2012 as “Holy Shit” EP. Prepare, as there will be many more to follow.
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards - Greg Bukinus
Drums - Kevin Talley (session musician)
Graphic design by Kheper Studio, © 2012 Cross Up Yours