Evil Hails from Cross Up Yours!
I'm happy to let you know that Cross Up Yours album "Holy Shit" is
about to come out. The release date is June 6th. We have another
promo video with music samples on
youtube so feel free to check it
out. Enjoy!!!
Stay brutal!
Greg Bukinus
The time has come!!! New album "HOLY SHIT" will be released on
June 6th!!!
We're proud to announce that mixing and mastering of debut album
"Holy Shit" has been finished. Wieslawski Brothers at Hertz Studio did
a great job. The final product exceeded our wildest expectations.
Cross Up Yours proudly presents the pre-release promo of the
upcoming album "Holy Shit"
The work on a debut EP of the New York City band CROSS UP
YOURS has just finished! Material has been recorded in the U.S.,
and mix / master has been made by Slawek Wieslawski and Wojtek
Wieslawski at Hertz Studio. Drums for all the songs were recorded by
Kevin Talley (known among others from Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal,
Daath, Six Feet Under, DarkRise).
Album is titled "Holy Shit", below you can listen the samples from this
"It's been a great pleasure and privilege to work with one of the
leading studios in the brutal music industry. Even though we worked
remotely through the internet workflow was undisturbed and
extremely efficient. Final product exceeded my wildest expectations. I
remain convinced that I worked with the best.
Thank you Wojtek & Slawek.
Bukinus (Cross Up Yours)"
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DEBUT ALBUM "HOLY SHIT" OUT NOW!!! You can get your copy
Cross Up Yours entire new album will be played on Up From The
Underground radio show which airs this Thursday June 14th from
7pm to 10pm EST. Tune in at
Bukinus will appear as a guest artist on new upcoming album of
Polish band Shemyaz. It's a solo project of musician also known from
Panzerdivision, Cryptic and Haxkittel.
Click here to find out more and listen to Shemyaz majestic death
metal sound enriched by Egyptian and Sumerian influences!
Great news! Bukinus just finished recording guest vocals and guitar
solo for
Shemyaz, Polish death metal band with Egyptian and
Sumerian influences.
Allbum to be released soon!!!
Cross Up Yours new album "Holy Shit" now available on iTunes!
here to find out more.
Holy S**t - EP - Cross Up Yours
New "Holy Shit" review by Up From The Underground Reviews is up.
Check it out
Update on the guest work on new Shemyaz album:
"Next guest sent me some tracks! Greg Bukinus from a band Cross
Up Yours will be next guest in new version of song called "Enuma
Eliš". His vocals are fantastic, and after solo he made you will die and
no one will cry! Work goes better than I expected so I will ask him to
do more work for Nyarlathotep album!" - Shemyaz
Cross Up Yours new album "Holy Shit" now available on amazonMP3!
here to find out more.
Entire "Holy Shit" album will be played on Metal Man's Brutal Assault
Internet Radio Show this coming Friday, September 7th. The show
starts at 9pm EST.
You can tune in
More work for guest spot on new Shemyaz album finished! This time
it's two guitar solos for the song "Sha nagba imurru". The song also
features Michael Pendergrass from band THROUGH THESE GATES
doing guest vocals. Brutal!!!
Find out more
New promo picture of Bukinus from Shemyaz new album
Nyarlathotep!!! Prepare for brutal guest vocals and guitar solos!!!
DEMIZED - another Bukinus’ full time band released an update on
upcoming album titled “Hypochristians”:
"We've been working on the new full length album we call
“HYPOCHRISTIANS” for almost a year, dedicated to composing a
new sort of disturbing death metal darkness exceeding most of the
one dimensional releases you hear most of these days!
The new album expresses our disgust towards religious hypocrisy.
“HYPOCHRISTIANS” is the name we chose carefully and thought
about it for a long time. The album will be an expression of our views
on all religious superposition and people that use religious
brainwashing techniques to control the masses, raping all our
personal opinions and robbing us out of our money, still forced to
remain weak in the name of imaginary gods..."
This album will be full of surprises.
here to find out more.
DEMIZED interview!!! Greg and Jeo interviewed by Matt Szablewicz of
NYC Metal Scene.
This coming Wednesday DJ Beasty will play one of the Cross Up
Yours songs on his radio show. The show airs on a Wednesday night
8-11pm UK time. You can tune in at
Bukinus finished work on the last guest guitar solo for upcoming
Shemyaz album "Nyarlathotep".
All together Greg will appear in three songs performing guest vocals
in "Enuma Eliš" as well as playing five guitar solos in songs: "Enuma
Eliš", "Sha nagba imurru" and "AM-DUAT (That Which Is In the
Stay tuned for more updates on the release date!!!
New Cross Up Yours review by METAL CENTRE Webzine!
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"The new weapon has arrived! Long awaited Custom 7 String Halo
Hellfire (courtesy of
Halo Guitars) is here!
No time to waste! This mighty axe will be put to use immediately! Next
week I will be recording guitar tracks for the upcoming Demized
album called "Hypochristians". Prepare for destruction!!!"
- Bukinus
New review from Germany!!! Written by Manuel of Burn Your Ears
Webzine. Check it out here!!!
Starting now, the entire "Holy Shit" EP is available for everyone to
download for FREE!
Download here!