Cross Up Yours - "Holy Shit"

                   Review by METAL CENTRE Webzine - Ensifer (Original version - Polish)

One man project/band from the US. First thing that came to mind  was that it’s gonna be another
USBM sounding band like XASTHUR, CREBAIN or LEVIATHAN, yet it was a total surprise as CROSS
UP YOURS has very little in common with that style. It’s also interesting that the man behind that is
our Polish homeboy, who was at some point a member of EPITOME. But that’s ancient history,
hidden behind the fog. We’re more interested in what emerged out of that fog, the debut material in
shape of a four song EP.
Except for the first track which is a minute and a half long bible verses recital accompanied by a
windowsill and some other ambient sounds the actual music is quite brutal and very diverse. The very
first sounds of the title song immediately leave you no doubt what style CROSS UP YOURS
represents. What’s blasting out of the speakers is a twisted Black/Death Metal, bringing early
BELPHEGOR to mind, however at the same time keyboards transpiring here and there bring it more
into LIMBONIC ART direction, which is symphonic and very dark. Anyways, the important thing is that
despite many tempo changes and all that style variations it still makes sense. All of those three songs
show that Mr. Greg isn’t short on ideas. One time he throws in a nice solo, another time he plays
around with the vocal department.
Bottom line is that “Holy Shit” shows very well what potential CROSS UP YOURS has. We can hear
that the wings haven’t been fully spread yet and this project will still show what it’s capable of
(meaning it will blow us away the proper way). It’s definitely set on the right path.
                   Cross Up Yours - "Holy Shit"

                   Review by Up From The Underground Reviews - Jaymz Delisle

After a 90 second intro filled with eerie keys and bible quotes read in a demonic tone, Cross Up
Yours kick into the namesake track from their debut EP "Holy Shit". It's slow, doomy opening riffs
flows with tons of lead guitar solo's, then bursts into a flurry of tremolo riffery colliding with relentless
double bass drumming provided by Kevin Talley (Dying Fetus, Chimaira, Daath, Six Feet Under).
This tune bridges the gap from slamming classic death metal, to symphonic black metal evoking
images of Vital Remains and early Cradle Of Filth. Cross Up Yours frontman Greg Bukinus (also the
guitarist of NYDM Bronx veterans Demized) shows us here his songwriting prowess and pure
musicianship as he performs vocals, guitar, bass and keys on all 3 of these brutal tracks.
"Unforbidden Sin" pummels the listener with 4 minutes of machine-gun drumming, non stop riff-fest
and unholy vocals that sound as if they are being vomited forth from the fiery underworld. Every few
bars a different riff pops up in a different tempo and always keeps the listener on their toes not
knowing what musical insanity to expect next. "Son Of A..." closes out this monstrous effort with
stomping, headbanging evil death metal, that recalls glimpses of classic Morbid Angel and Behemoth.
A thick slab of guitar wizardry, and spellbinding, mystical key patterns that satisfy your hunger for
brutality, techinality and atmospheric melody as well. Cross Up Yours pummels and pounds sonically
and they are relentless about it from start to finish. At 13 minutes total this short, but amazing effort
from Cross Up Yours has pretty much everything the extreme metal fan could want. If this is just the
beginning for Cross Up Yours than trust me, the future bodes well and holds big things for this band.
This is basically a one man project, but don't let that deter you in any way, these songs were
obviously worked on very hard, polished and honed and Mr. Talley throws down some of the best
and fastest drumming I've heard him produce yet! And let's face it, Greg has a vision here, and
sometimes the best way to get something done right, is to do it yourself rather than have other throw
a wrench into what you want your output to be. I hope to see Cross Up Yours put together a live outfit
and witness them slay the stages of the live scene. You can keep up with the band at and you can also visit the website at
where you can purchase physical CD copies of "Holy Shit" as well as t-shirts. If your into brutal death
and black metal at all, this EP deserves to be a part of your music library. You can hear cuts from this
disk Thursday nights from 7pm to 10pm EST at
                   Cross Up Yours - "Holy Shit"

                   Review by Burn Your Ears Webzine - Manuel (Original version - German)

A bearded man lives in good old New York. He plays and has played in different
bands, most of them
having to do with Death Metal. Two years ago, he started
his own project, in which only a guest
drummer participated in the recording.
“Holy Shit” is the first taste of a self-made man.

The intro has diverse bible citations surrounded by a dark mood. Cleverly taken
out of context, he
says, “…to destroy all flesh…” for example, and that all on
earth must die, from the book of Genesis.
That the line is from the book of Noah
seems to be irrelevant. But forget the exegesis, let’s talk about
the music.
Moving towards the main track, loaded with coarse riffs, represented by diabolically
croaking vocals, it really pumps it up. The frame is a hardcore death
metal, wrapped in a dark cloth
by profound keyboards.
In total, the super dirty singing is pretty dominant, although the total sound is
pounding and is
differentiated and sufficiently balanced. But, because the tone
of voice barely fluctuates, this could
become tiresome for the whole album.
Although none of the three tracks is longer than four minutes,
it is possible to
create through the continuous speed more complex structures. Rhythmically
connected, sometimes melodically hymnal and often crazy pounding, these songs are not easily

“Son Of A…” contains short and harsh growls at the end, a screeching clear
voice and one of the
solos moves between trashing vocals and the search for
harmony. The hard sound reminds me, over
and over again, of the German
brutes MATHYR, whose acoustic coloring is more diverse.
This man in the States has created one mean little album but due to the missing
hooks, not much
sticks to the hearing walls. However, the level of barbarianism
of BEHEMOTH is as good as reached.
Those who like a dark and heavy fare
can fetch themselves a little nightmare, but given the length of
the album, the
spectrum of ideas could be broadened.